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Scenes from Lake Mendota Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 6

Scenes from Lake Mendota Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 6


Score and Parts for "Scenes from Lake Mendota," commissioned in 2017 by the Wisconsin Union Theater and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Jazz Orchestra to commemorate the 30th anniversay of the Isthmus Jazz Festival, where it was premiered by the UWJO in June 2017.


The piece was written as sort of a "soundtrack" to what a person might see on a day spent at the UW Memorial Union Terrace, one of Wisconsin's favorite summertime spots, and the location of the Isthmus Jazz Festival each June. The piece features three movements: I. Bright, II. Twilight, and III. After Dark. There are no breaks between movements, although the movements can be easily broken up in order to perform one at a time.


Difficulty Level: Grade 6 (Difficult College/Professional)


Instrumentaion: Standard

Solos in Tenor 1, Trombone 1, and Alto 1.


Perusal Score PDF

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