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Light Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 5

Light Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 5


PDF of the score and parts for "Light," composed in 2022.


"Light" starts with a slow, meditative, repetitive piano figure that moves to a double-time feel for a solo section that is meant to be a section of trading for alto and trumpet. However, the piece could easily be turned into a solo feature for one of those two instruments. This is a piece that isn't technically challenging per se, but it is difficult to make it sound good, and it does feature extensive doubles in the woodwind section. 


Difficulty Level: Grade 5 (Difficult High School/Medium College)



Reed 1 - Flute and alto

Reed 2 - Alto (solo)

Reed 3 - Bb Clarinet

Reed 4 - Tenor

Reed 5 - Bass Clarinet, Bb Clarinet (bari sax substitute part included)

There is also an optional Bb Clarinet two part, which covers the Bb clarinet at the end of the Reed 5 part.

Brass and rhythm are standard (with bass trombone) with optional voice.


Recording of "Light" Live at Fulton Street Collective in Chicago, IL, 2/29/24

Perusal Score PDF

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