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In Flight Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 4.5

In Flight Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 4.5


PDF of the Score & Parts for "In Flight," composed in 2019. 


This piece was written for the occasion of the retirement of my father, Kurt Dietrich. He taught music at Ripon College for 39 years, and this piece was commissioned by current and former students of his and premiered at his last Ripon College Jazz Ensemble concert in April 2019. 


The piece begins with a chorale before moving into a fast (but predictable) 5/4 time. The solo, written originally for my dad, is written into the first trombone part, but can be moved to another instrument.


Difficulty Level: Grade 4.5 (Difficult High School/Medium College)


Instrumentation: Standard


Perusal Score PDF

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