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Hymn Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 3.5

Hymn Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 3.5


PDFs of the score and parts for "Hymn," written in 2020.


"Hymn" features a pastoral chorale melody but with a bit of an unsettling sound due to harmony based around a scale that sounds major on the bottom half and minor on the top half, one of my favorite sounds. The piece features a trumpet solo on easy, fun changes (that can even get bluesy) that can be left open for an extended period if you're looking for a trumpet feature.


Difficulty Level: Grade 3.5 (Medium High School), but a great challenge in subtlety and ensemble playing for more advanced ensembles.


Instrumentation: Standard, but with Bass Clarinet in place of Bari Sax.


Perusal Score PDF

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