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Forward: III. Roads Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 6

Forward: III. Roads Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 6


PDFs of the score and parts to "Forward: III. Roads," composed in 2017 and recorded on the 2019 Paul Dietrich Jazz Ensemble album ForwardThis is a standalone movement of a four part suite, written in 2017 with support from the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium's Artistic Development Grant.


"Roads" features a challenging opening section with a time signature that alternates between 5/4 and 4/4, before reaching 6/4 section that transitions into an extended tenor saxophone solo with a 12/8 feel.


Difficulty Level: Grade 6 (Difficult College/Professional) - Roads is a great and rewarding challenge for a good band with a lot of rehearsal time!


Instrumentation: Standard, with soprano in place of alto 1, plus optional voice


Perusal Score PDF

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