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Folk Song (Jazz Ensemble) Score and Parts (PDF) - Grade 6

Folk Song (Jazz Ensemble) Score and Parts (PDF) - Grade 6


PDFs of the score and parts for the Jazz Ensemble version of Folk Song, composed by Paul Dietrich in 2021 for his 5+4 ensemble and arranged for jazz ensemble in 2023. 


Folk Song is a fun and challenging crowd pleaser with a melody written to resemble a fiddle tune, filtered through the context of modern jazz. Written originally for Paul Dietrich's 5+4 (a link to that group's recording is below), this piece contains a lengthy solo in second trumpet.


Difficulty Level: 6 (Difficult College/Professional)


Woodwind Instrumentation: 1 Alto, 1 Bb Clarinet, 2 Tenor (one with flute double), 1 Bass Clarinet (an optional bari part that can sub for bass clarinet is included)

Brass and rhythm are standard with optional voice.


Recording from the 2023 5+4 album (formally similar, different instrumentation)

Perusal Score PDF

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