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Crisp and Clear Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 3

Crisp and Clear Score & Parts (PDF) - Grade 3


PDFs of the score and parts for "Crisp and Clear," commissioned by Nathan Gerlach and the Cambridge High School Jazz Band (Cambridge, WI). The piece's title was inspired by the days of one of Wisconsin's famous polar vortexes, during one of which I wrote the bulk of this piece in early 2019.


Link to audio (with score) on YouTube


This piece contains a solo section that can feature any instrument (with changes written into Alto 1, Bari, Trumpet 2, Trombone, and Rhtyhm Section parts) and has a prominent bass line that's a good challenge for an electric bass player who is ready to shine. 


Difficulty Level: Grade 3 (Medium-Easy High School)


Instrumentation: Standard, with Clarinet, Flute, and Vibraphone parts available upon request.


Perusal Score PDF

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