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Released in 2023 on Shifting Paradigm Records, the idea behind 5+4 was to combine a "traditional" jazz quintet with a string quartet, in order to create a mid-sized ensemble with influences from traditional and modern jazz, modern classical music, and more; some of the biggest influences behind this music include Matt Ulery, Laura Jurd, Caroline Shaw, and Fabian Almazan. 5+4 was conceived in 2019 and received grant funding in early 2020, but the ensemble's first performance was delayed until late 2021 due to the pandemic. Textura calls the album "wholly vital and thoroughly rewarding," and regarding the ensemble writing, All About Jazz says that "the two components blend so seamlessly, it's hard to imagine one without the other." The full album is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Paul Dietrich - trumpet and compositions

Dustin Laurenzi - tenor saxophone

Jason Kutz - piano

Brian Courage - bass

Jon Deitemyer - drum set


Paran Amirinazari - violin

Wes Luke - violin

Kayla Patrick - viola

Lindsey Crabb - cello

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